1. Promoting and organise activities for the appreciation of Harp as an instrument through Harp Festivals, concerts, workshops.
  2. Promoting Singaporean Works for the Harp.
  3. Support and promote Singapore professional Harp Ensemble playing such as Viva Rave Harp Ensemble.
  4. Reach out and organise harp related activities to Senior Community, underprivileged children and Children with disability with Harp music.
  5. Represent Singapore Harp Community interest in the International Harp Scene such as World Harp Congress and other International platforms.
  • At The Harp Association, we offer a platform for both harpists and audience to interact with each other and the harp! From annual invitations (and special discounts) to workshops, masterclasses, international harpists recitals, concerts, and festivals, it’s a harp lovers treat to a wide array of events. The Harp Association aims to provide and promote activities for a greater awareness and appreciation for the Harp.
  • The Harp Association also gives back by reaching out and organising harp related activities for the Senior Community, underprivileged children and children with disabilities.
  • Beyond the shores of Singapore, The Harp Association is the representative for Singapore in International Harp Communities, like the World Harp Congress and other international platforms. Moreover, The Harp Association provides a platform and opportunities for interaction between Singaporean Harpists with the world!
  • Let’s come together to celebrate the Harp, and share the joy it brings with Singapore, through the generations and beyond our borders!