The formal forming of the Harp Association has been long awaited. For the past 16 years, the harp community in Singapore has journeyed and grew rapidly. A few passionate harpist and enthusiast led by Young Artist Award Winner and Harpist  Katryna Tan has been championing the instrument, sharing it with the community, sharing music and building the harp community. The first Singapore HarpFest was born in 2006 to bring the community together. This has led to many other harp activities throughout the next years to come. Since then, the community has only grown, bigger and stronger, with their standard has increasing exponentially. the Harp community of Singapore has been recognised in the International Harp Scene with participation in International harp events like the World Harp Congress, and the harpists from the community has made a name in their passion for harp and harp playing too!   The Harp Association (Singapore) is officially formed to continue the efforts of community and represent the Harp community in Singapore, the region and internationally. 


President : Katryna Tan
Secretary : Cheryl Tan
Treasurer : Rita Sari Tan
New Music Advisor : Phang Kok Jun
Harp News Editor : Loh Jia Hui & Charity Kiew
Patron : Datin Rita Koo
Advisor: Eric Watson

Official Harp Ensemble: Viva Rave


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